Games Development

AIMANS focused on developing and publishing high-quality, incredibly visual, handcrafted games and mobile experiences for iOS, Android and Web. The team is comprised of some of the most talented creative directors, game designers, visual designers, and developers in the industry. AIMANS Games develops multi-platform games and experiences for market leaders .

We delivers:

  • Higher engagement through play
  • Higher skills and higher retention through practice
  • Higher efficiency through perfection

The game-based learning approach makes learning fun, improves skills and knowledge, and elicits desired behavior. In short, serious games directly address business outcomes.

Skill-based games build skills and abilities resulting in improved efficiency and productivity at job tasks.

  • Have one or more clearly defined instructional outcomes
  • Provide context (real or imaginary) for the content
  • Offer multiple paths to success
  • Provide opportunities for multiple iterations (re-playable)
  • Define multiple degrees of success as against just win/lose
  • Encourage learners to constantly improve skills

We're using game-based thinking, aesthetics, and mechanics to engage people, motivate action, promote learning, and solve problems. Our immersive simulations put learners in a virtual work environment where they practice, learn from mistakes, and get real-time coaching.

Animation Programs and Series

The entertainment and education worlds are converging-after all, the same audiences that crave slick animation/3D movies also take e-learning courses. AIMANS' Animation practice guarantees your learners an edge-of-the-seat experience. 

AIMANS spans all the stages of the animation development process. Our workflow is customized to meet the needs of our e-learning clients. Our processes help our clients overcome the chief obstacles to the use of 2D/3D animation in e-learning-higher costs and turnaround time-and help them focus on potential returns in terms of eyeballs and training uptake.

What's more, 2D/3D animation programs for eLearning are cross-platform-ready to be delivered on computers, television, tablets, and smart phones.

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