Marketing Planning

E- and M-Commerce

For any retailer and every brand, digital commerce is becoming an increasingly important transaction channel. We devise the strategies, design the user experience and implement the technical solutions to make commerce and brand experiences work together to drive your sales to new heights.


Experiential Marketing

Full immersion and physical interaction with a brand generate a deep level of engagement. We create events or shopper immersions to create or strengthen the link between your brand and your customers.


Integrated Marketing

Sometimes one communication channel is enough, sometimes many more are needed. Depending on your goals, we recommend the best channels and create all the messages according to your brand strategy and your consumer insights to deliver an efficient global architecture.


Mobile Marketing

Mobile devices are the most widespread digital devices. We develop campaigns, apps and mobile programs that put your brand at your customers’ fingertips.


Promotional Marketing

Sales promotions and activation campaigns need to drive sales in ways that build your brand. We turn customer insights into multichannel promotional campaigns to build your business.

Hold on to your customers. Once acquired, you want to drive the lifetime value of your customers. Whether they are transactional or engagement-based, we come up with the strategy, the rules, the KPI’s and the plan to keep your customers happy, increase their value, and eventually turn them into advocates.


PRM & Customer Acquisition

The fine line between prospects and customers is getting increasingly blurred. Individuals will connect with your brand long before any purchase actually happens. Using these insights will enable us to push the right message at the right time to turn your prospects into your custom

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