Public Campaigns

Whatever your business is, the purpose of our talented strategic planners and creative teams is to make your brand the assets that enable you to Lead The Change.

We work closely with the client to achieve the best possible market positioning and ensure that the message makes an impact among the target group, both emotionally and intellectually. The creative experts at AIMANS Advertising always come up with customized and highly creative communication strategies for their clients nationally as well as internationally. With their keen sense of aesthetics and design, the specialists at AIMANS Advertising produce innovative campaigns that have the desired impact across a wide range of media.

Areas of expertise

  •  Strategic planning
  •  Integrated campaign management from concept development all the way to creative work and production
  •  Traditional advertising
  •  Corporate publishing
  •  Corporate design
  •  Consulting
  •  Business-to-business
  •  Media planning and media partnerships
  •  Evaluation and documentation
  • Events


We ideate, execute and manage campaigns & marketing programs centered on big ideas that are designed to create impact and deliver results. Today our campaigns & programs are born in "digital” and often extend into other channels such as print, broadcast, events and out-of-home.

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