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Knowledge management is about making the best use of your intellectual assets – sharing expertise and experience. Aimans leads the way in delivering knowledge management services in the property sector, moving our clients towards better-informed decision-making about the performance of their assets. If knowledge is power, then asset knowledge is the power to make your physical environment contribute to the success of your organization. Our team of expert knowledge managers is able to look across all areas of a client’s portfolio and draw up a road map using a mix of information which takes into account current issues, new legislation, industry standards, and the client’s own priorities. The real value of this information is unlocked through analysis and interpretation. Knowledge that may ordinarily take weeks to extract can be put at your fingertips by our knowledge management team. Most significant, however, is the team’s ability to communicate that information back to our clients in a way that is relevant to their needs. We focus on the things that are important to them and present information in a digestible format. Outputs include recommendations, reports, business cases, feasibility studies and workshops, to name a few. Whatever the output, the aim of our knowledge service is to enable you to make better decisions more quickly, leading to more effective governance over your operations and, ultimately, greater efficiency.

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